How to Save Money on Gas

Are you wondering how to save money on gas?  You have come to the right place!  Here are some tried and true PROVEN techniques and simple changes in your driving habits that you can start using today to improve gas mileage.

1) Carpool

Co-workers, students and parents can team up to share driving and gas responsibilities.

2) Regular Maintenance

Keep your car’s engine it tip-top shape with regular tune ups and oil changes.

3) Tire Pressure

Unequal tire pressure can greatly affect your car’s fuel economy. 

4) Join a “Loyalty Club”

Many gas stations have loyalty incentives that can help lower your gas bill

5) Learn “Hypermiling”

Hypermiling is a set of techniques and practices that seek to maximize a vehicle’s fuel efficiency through careful and calculated driving.

6) Get Paid To Drive

Some companies will PAY YOU to place an advertisement on your car.  Many people are using inventive ways to earn money just by driving their cars or even get a free car for promotional purposes.  Find out more at TheFreeCar.com

7) Make Your Car Run On Water

By far the most innovative of all ways to save money on gas.  Featured in “Popular Mechanics” magazine, you can supplement gas with water, cut your bill AND get a tax write-off for using green technology!  Check it out at Gas4Free.com

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